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We propose the traditional Italian dishes including assortment of cured Italian meats such as Parma ham aged for 24 months, coppa, salami so-called "Mariola" and "strologhino di culatello."

The  first courses are prepared with simple ingredients made ​​by hand.
We mention some of the dishes: the "pasta filled with butter and sage," pasta with tomato and beans (alla Piacentina) "small pasta parcels filled with  ricotta and spinach", "noodles with mushrooms" and “meat ravioli in broth or with tomato sauce.”
Oven roasted are mostly meat and game, depending on the season, served with generous side orders.
During the summer the mushrooms, that  we prepare in different ways, are particularly prized.
Finally you can enjoy one of our desserts prepared with care by expert hands.

The average price of a full meal is around 30 euros per person